The Justice System has FAILED us!

(OP-ED)–The opinions expressed herein are that of the author’s only and should not be construed as legal advice.

It is unfortunate that the conservative thought process has to be jarred by liberalism … and just when we were starting to get ahead.

It’s even more unfortunate that the manner in which we conduct ourselves in the legal realm has been totally obliterated by the justice system, made up of elite oligarchs who only look out for their own pensions and care not about the people that can’t afford justice. These judges will listen to the banks before they listen to the people affected by the contract they signed.

My latest machination involves the affidavit that was issued by a “special agent” from the federal whatchamacallits, which was totally redacted by the justice department, which has sought to (indirectly) attack every Christian conservative in the name of liberalism. When one can forum shop for a judge to get a warrant signed … a warrant that would further divide America because of its very nature in attacking a former president who actually did produce positive results, (despite all of the attacks against him during his tenure in office), this justice system has failed us.

The higher elites in power have seen fit to find a Trump-hating judge to do their dirty-work in an attempt to keep Trump from running for office again. If the warrant is proven to be nothing more than hearsay, which I suspect it is, then the judge sitting on the Trump case is no better than the robed types that sit in foreclosure courts across the country, listening to banks’ attorneys, who don’t possess the note, say, “Take it from me, Your Honor, we own the note.” at face value and give the banks whatever they want, when in most cases, the lender (a REMIC trust), no longer even exists.

Foreclosure defense attorneys haven’t helped matters much. Half of them don’t even know how to argue a foreclosure matter or a forcible detainer action, half of them don’t understand that the REMIC’s investors may have been paid in full, which means the servicers are double and triple dipping on homeowners (borrowers) by claiming they represent the REMICs when they know too damned well, the REMICs are closed and were closed one year past their start-up date. These attorneys are also “officers of the court”. They know how to behave when in the “temple”. Singing Judas’s.

The attorneys that do know foreclosure defense are equally flustered because borrowers come to them, stating, “Hey, I’ve got a great case! You should represent me for free!” This kind of entitlement behavior, coupled with that of judges who just want to shove their size 9 (example) shoes up the foreclosure defense attorney’s ass every time he/she comes into court, has caused a number of the good attorneys to either stop doing foreclosure defense or quit practicing law altogether. Many wonder about the other half of the foreclosure defense attorneys and what makes them so special when they play “the delay game”. The judges know it. The attorneys know it. The borrowers don’t get it.

This is false hope. To think these attorneys can’t tell the court that the other side hasn’t proven it has standing to foreclose because the other side hasn’t proven the Plaintiff (and its investors) have been harmed, is beyond belief.

The simple question of … “If the house is sold Your Honor, who gets the proceeds?” goes right by the wayside. Or, in the alternative (as we know by example), you get a smart-ass judge that answers that question for the bank (or the servicer’s attorney), as “Pay me, I’ll figure it out.” This is when you know the court is corrupt because the judge has turned out to be an asshole.

Ever been to a rocket docket? I have. It’s pretty damned scary. Mar-A-Lago raid or no Mar-A-Lago raid, a whole courtroom of homeowners gets cleared out (totally foreclosed on) with maybe 2 cases held over for trial out of all of the 300 cases coming before that court on its weekly docket. The judges have been ordered by their superiors to “clear the docket”, no matter who they shit on. That, does not make them a great judge. In fact, it makes them a shitty judge. When a judge rules against a homeowner based on emotion and hearsay from the lender’s attorney and its fully-trained lying witness, you have bad justice.

This is why this go-round of foreclosures is going to be even tougher of a nut to crack … all because the justice system has been perverted by the entitled elite, the crooked banks whose noses are clear up the judges’ asses and the good ‘ol boy club (the Bar) who threatens attorneys with disbarment for standing up to a judge.

Any judge that will sign an affidavit based on hearsay and then allow the affiant’s name to be redacted from view of those whom he has accused, speaks ill of not only the affiant, but the prosecutor and the judge as well. Mar-A-Lago is only the tip of the iceberg. Trump is not in foreclosure. Trump has not been screwed over by the banks. The raid gave him impetus to run again because nearly 80+ million voters to attempted to return him to office a second time now feel disenfranchised. Judges won’t hear a majority of the fraudulent election claims and that puts the entire system into a quandary.

Here’s a final thought … what would happen if you wrote a check to the REMIC for the full amount you owed and made it a restrictive endorsement only to the REMIC? Chances are, it’d never get cashed because the REMIC no longer exists. A borrower in Florida did just that, twice, and his check (for attorney’s fees), paid to the REMIC itself using a restrictive indorsement, as directed by the court, still hasn’t gotten cashed. Makes you wonder why more folks haven’t used that tactic.

What would the failed justice system do to “fix” that to “out” the very entities that will screw them in the process?

The C & E on Steroids! is a must if you’re NOT in foreclosure YET, but you suspect some shady shit going on in the land records.


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3 responses to “The Justice System has FAILED us!

  1. Ronald Gillis

    Actually three, yes, three checks, not one has been cashed to date, and that is why in my last appeal, my opposition asked for and WAS GRANTED attorneys fees by the Appeals Court, but when we went back to the lower court, they suddenly cancelled the request for these fees – -which they had won. Makes you wonder (if you don’t know what’s really happening)


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