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The Justice System has FAILED us!

(OP-ED)–The opinions expressed herein are that of the author’s only and should not be construed as legal advice.

It is unfortunate that the conservative thought process has to be jarred by liberalism … and just when we were starting to get ahead.

It’s even more unfortunate that the manner in which we conduct ourselves in the legal realm has been totally obliterated by the justice system, made up of elite oligarchs who only look out for their own pensions and care not about the people that can’t afford justice. These judges will listen to the banks before they listen to the people affected by the contract they signed.

My latest machination involves the affidavit that was issued by a “special agent” from the federal whatchamacallits, which was totally redacted by the justice department, which has sought to (indirectly) attack every Christian conservative in the name of liberalism. When one can forum shop for a judge to get a warrant signed … a warrant that would further divide America because of its very nature in attacking a former president who actually did produce positive results, (despite all of the attacks against him during his tenure in office), this justice system has failed us.

The higher elites in power have seen fit to find a Trump-hating judge to do their dirty-work in an attempt to keep Trump from running for office again. If the warrant is proven to be nothing more than hearsay, which I suspect it is, then the judge sitting on the Trump case is no better than the robed types that sit in foreclosure courts across the country, listening to banks’ attorneys, who don’t possess the note, say, “Take it from me, Your Honor, we own the note.” at face value and give the banks whatever they want, when in most cases, the lender (a REMIC trust), no longer even exists.

Foreclosure defense attorneys haven’t helped matters much. Half of them don’t even know how to argue a foreclosure matter or a forcible detainer action, half of them don’t understand that the REMIC’s investors may have been paid in full, which means the servicers are double and triple dipping on homeowners (borrowers) by claiming they represent the REMICs when they know too damned well, the REMICs are closed and were closed one year past their start-up date. These attorneys are also “officers of the court”. They know how to behave when in the “temple”. Singing Judas’s.

The attorneys that do know foreclosure defense are equally flustered because borrowers come to them, stating, “Hey, I’ve got a great case! You should represent me for free!” This kind of entitlement behavior, coupled with that of judges who just want to shove their size 9 (example) shoes up the foreclosure defense attorney’s ass every time he/she comes into court, has caused a number of the good attorneys to either stop doing foreclosure defense or quit practicing law altogether. Many wonder about the other half of the foreclosure defense attorneys and what makes them so special when they play “the delay game”. The judges know it. The attorneys know it. The borrowers don’t get it.

This is false hope. To think these attorneys can’t tell the court that the other side hasn’t proven it has standing to foreclose because the other side hasn’t proven the Plaintiff (and its investors) have been harmed, is beyond belief.

The simple question of … “If the house is sold Your Honor, who gets the proceeds?” goes right by the wayside. Or, in the alternative (as we know by example), you get a smart-ass judge that answers that question for the bank (or the servicer’s attorney), as “Pay me, I’ll figure it out.” This is when you know the court is corrupt because the judge has turned out to be an asshole.

Ever been to a rocket docket? I have. It’s pretty damned scary. Mar-A-Lago raid or no Mar-A-Lago raid, a whole courtroom of homeowners gets cleared out (totally foreclosed on) with maybe 2 cases held over for trial out of all of the 300 cases coming before that court on its weekly docket. The judges have been ordered by their superiors to “clear the docket”, no matter who they shit on. That, does not make them a great judge. In fact, it makes them a shitty judge. When a judge rules against a homeowner based on emotion and hearsay from the lender’s attorney and its fully-trained lying witness, you have bad justice.

This is why this go-round of foreclosures is going to be even tougher of a nut to crack … all because the justice system has been perverted by the entitled elite, the crooked banks whose noses are clear up the judges’ asses and the good ‘ol boy club (the Bar) who threatens attorneys with disbarment for standing up to a judge.

Any judge that will sign an affidavit based on hearsay and then allow the affiant’s name to be redacted from view of those whom he has accused, speaks ill of not only the affiant, but the prosecutor and the judge as well. Mar-A-Lago is only the tip of the iceberg. Trump is not in foreclosure. Trump has not been screwed over by the banks. The raid gave him impetus to run again because nearly 80+ million voters to attempted to return him to office a second time now feel disenfranchised. Judges won’t hear a majority of the fraudulent election claims and that puts the entire system into a quandary.

Here’s a final thought … what would happen if you wrote a check to the REMIC for the full amount you owed and made it a restrictive endorsement only to the REMIC? Chances are, it’d never get cashed because the REMIC no longer exists. A borrower in Florida did just that, twice, and his check (for attorney’s fees), paid to the REMIC itself using a restrictive indorsement, as directed by the court, still hasn’t gotten cashed. Makes you wonder why more folks haven’t used that tactic.

What would the failed justice system do to “fix” that to “out” the very entities that will screw them in the process?

The C & E on Steroids! is a must if you’re NOT in foreclosure YET, but you suspect some shady shit going on in the land records.


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Crowdfunding as a means of foreclosure defense

(BREAKING NEWS) — The link below just launched … prefaced by this email:

I just launched the Crowdfunding Campaign for Raising Legal Fees for Fighting the Foreclosure Monster.

You are the first to see it!  Can you send it out to your list, with a note that I am working with you to Help You with Your Battle, and I will come in to take over the Education and Fundraising for APON.

I need to raise $25,000 to have Al West Attorney w/ Dave Krieger attack on our Quiet Title Defense; Robert Janes – Fighting the Foreclosure Machine write the legal papers, and Ken Carlson’s team write the Unlawful Detainer Defense.  I have spoken with all of them.

All of these documents will be made available to our APON Interns, and our backers for this initial campaign.

Let’s DO THIS!

Teresa Moore

Take this info for what it’s worth … it’s a novel idea worth investigating.

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(Op-Ed) — The author of this blog postulates the following content as “IMHO” and not as legal advice. You can hear the author of this post on live stream at The Power Hour, Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Central Time) by clicking on the link LISTEN NOW. This website, like the radio broadcast conducted by this author, attempts to be solution-based. After all, wouldn’t you rather be part of the solution than part of the problem?


One chooses whether or not to participate in a civilized society. When society becomes reckless and self-indulgent, one moves away from the “terms and conditions” one abhors, or at best, cannot live with. Understand that this author did not want to utilize the term “political”, but, ahead of prostitution, it’s the first-known, oldest means of power in the history of man. Prostitution is the second-most, oldest means of power for obvious reasons. When you self-indulge … and “pay” for your self-indulgence … you give up your power. Of late, politics has turned into the national whore.

As you may have heard on my radio show, The Power Hour (and I’m writing in first person now), the show is all about solutions. Given today’s political climate … and how we got here … we’re all looking for a savior and our “focus” has been diverted away from the real “Savior” and onto a “political savior” who is going to rescue the United States from all of its maladies and political corruption. Many a politician has promised to “do right” by his constituents, only to end up becoming corrupted and thus catering to the elite who want to control the world (and the U.S.). In order to control America, the powers that be have to convince you to give up your guns. So many different authors have postulated various titles all relating to a “great reset”, wherein no one owns anything, but they would still be happy.

This unfortunately, is all left-wing dreaming. As I have expressed on my radio show, there is only one political party in the United States that represents “We the People”. Those who represent us keep referring to this political system we live in as a “democracy”, when in fact, America was founded as a Republic (as in “and to the Republic, for which it stands”). There is no other term contained within the Pledge of Allegiance. However, I sometimes wonder exactly WHAT people are pledging their allegiance to when the government fails to do what America’s Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence set forth initially. Anyone looking inward at America only sees strife, division, loss of liberties, death and destruction. The fact that the majority of Americans are suffering from cognitive dissonance makes things worse as it is very hard to fully comprehend the nature of what has befallen us to date.

All of what has occurred in America did not just happen by accident. It was all by design. Our educational system has been perverted since the 1940’s. Modern medicine has been perverted since the 1930’s. The financial system began its downslide in 1871 and became further entrenched in financial control since 1913 and now faces the serious consequence of technology in becoming digitized, where Biblical-thinking folks are eyeballing this as the Mark of the Beast. Because of this worry, these people are being demonized by the left-wing media, which has been perverted since the 1950’s. There is no real news anymore. It’s all political propaganda further designed to polarize America, tear down the family unit (perverted since the 1960’s) and destroy America’s capitalistic values (perverted since the 1980’s). The end result: the goal of today’s politician is to convert America into a Communist state. We the People are allowing this to happen because we’re waiting on a “savior” (Trump or whomever promises us they’ll “drain the swamp”). These ideologies are misplaced.

The left-wing extremists want the same thing as the right-wing extremists: control over the individual.

If there is any hope for We the People, our “Savior” has to be Jesus Christ (the Son of God), who gives us eternal hope … and whose Father has commanded us to “study to be quiet, and to do your own business and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you … that you may walk honestly towards them that are without, and that you may have lack of nothing.” (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12)

If you have regarded the previous passages with any thought whatsoever, you can certainly understand why America has turned away from God and has put its faith in government instead. There are some known certain facts which have to be outlined here (in each of the following four paragraphs):


The American family unit was deliberately and purposefully divided, most recently via social media and what the U.S. government has termed a “vaccine”, when in fact, it wasn’t a vaccine at all. Genetic warfare has been allowed to manifest itself through a bioweapon called COVID-19, which stands for Certificate of Vaccination ID (the “19” part is Artificial Intelligence, with the “1” representing the letter “A” and the “9” representing the letter “I”, as in “AI”). Our own government and its “deep state” bureaucrats have brainwashed over 220-million Americans to take a genetic therapy drug that was designed and patented to cause our entire immune system to break down and to infuse each of those injected with a “kill switch”. It has been predicted that within 3-5 years, the population of America will shrink to 95-million from its current 333-million, all by design, through a new disease called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, for which there is no explanation. This too is the result of medical tyranny.


The American family unit was and still is being further subjected to satanic behaviors, starting with the indoctrination (by the left) of our children, who are being subjected to the watered-down dilution of their history, replaced by the values of self-doubt of their very own existence as to how God set forth their human characteristics and replaced them with confused states of consciousness as to their own sexual beings. This is being accomplished by various schools, especially in the liberally-run “blue states” (and even in some of the “red states”; why we even have to have the labeling of these two centers of thought illustrates the division caused by our political system), by critical race theory and transgender ideology. All those who have turned away from God and replaced Him with satanic practices and choose to worship false creatures will be judged accordingly. These educational institutions have become unproductive and run counter to American values of old. The average American does not even understand what their rights are any longer. This became more manifest as of March 17, 2020, when the greater part of this country was locked down, wherein Americans were glued to their TV sets being programmed by the liberal media with fear mongering, which continues to run true to this day.


Over 85-million Americans are “awake” (as opposed to “woke”) and feel disenfranchised, given what they suspect happened in November of 2020. Anyone looking at the lock downs in America and the end result of the widely-politicized “bloc voting” by mail-in ballot and the suspect issues involving the election process now see America’s political and judicial system for what it is: truly corrupted. The challenges to suspected election fraud have been brought forward into a justice system that has been deliberately crippled (since the 1940’s) and no longer serves the interests of the American people, but has been turned into a system of political puppets, flayed open by the media as to its political whims. We the People cannot get a “fair shake” (for the most part) in any court in this country, including having matters fully vetted legally regarding what many term “a stolen election” of our presidency. Many do not regard the current administration as legitimate. Can you blame them?


As the result of Problem #3, we have runaway inflation, runaway spending, high gas prices, green new deal practices that have no real plan of function other than to further cripple Americans’ ability to survive, all accompanied by a man-made food and supply chain shortage. This is not Y2K anymore. This is real. You have over 100 food processing plants burning to the ground … of course, all accidental. Yeah right. You have farmers being told they must cull their herds, thereby decimating their businesses and creating further supply chain-related food shortages. Now the U.S. government wants 87,000 new IRS agents to comb through all of your tax records, looking for ways they can fleece you for more tax dollars … all while the majority of Americans sit idly by, watching Netflix on TV, worrying about their toil, their next meal and whose going to save them from all of this government stupidity. Because of the decimation of our political system, we are about to become involved not only with a war in Ukraine, but also in a proxy war over Taiwan. In essence, America will be fighting Russia and China … and the results will not be pretty. Our Southern Borders have been allowed to be invaded and our country is being overrun by socialist-believing illegal aliens who all think that “Biden” invited them to come so American taxpayers can foot the bill to introduce our society to cheap labor while the rest of America rots in hell.

America truly has lost its way because the majority of its people put the government first and not God.


Any right-thinking American has done enough research to understand that anyone that got COVID-19, especially those who have been injected with the actual virus, have been attacked by a bioweapon and the suggested solution here (not medical advice, but what a lot of front-line doctors are recommending) is to supplement your immune system with proteolytic enzymes to thwart the spread of the spike proteins that have invaded your bodies, either through the disease itself (also man-made and patented), because most right-thinking Americans understand what the real “truth” is behind the creation of the virus as a means to depopulate America. The only salvation you now have, via healthy living, is to change your diets and means of livelihood to accommodate what was previously discussed in the Biblical passages first presented in this post.

Those who are in a position to downsize and move to more “free and independent” States of the Union need to formulate a plan of action of migration to safer climates. Those living in major cities are now at risk. Those living in colder states are more at risk come winter when oil prices and food shortages are going to have a serious impact on our well-being. If you have lots of “stuff” you can unload in yard sales, now or on FB Marketplace or eBay, now would be a great time to do that. Use the proceeds to stock up on long-term food supplies to sustain your family until the political crises subside. These crises will not subside however for at least two years, so you can plainly see the gravity of investing in real estate when the markets are going to again, succumb to a wave of foreclosures to the likes of what America saw in 2009. Buying acreage in certain areas of the country is still affordable.

If you are in a position to pull your kids from public schools, do it … and homeschool them. If you are not living in a State of the Union that supports homeschooling, then move to one that does and homeschool your kids. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO BE “VACCINATED” WITH ANY COVID-19 SHOT. If you have not been paying attention, certain states and school districts are mandating it and you cannot allow your child to be killed or injured by these jabs as you as the parent will be faced with caring for a child that may end up dead or severely injured … and yes, that’s on you as the parents. The government lied to you when it said these shots were safe and effective. Again, another yeah right. In other words, whatever the CDC, NIH, or any other medical outfit in the government tell you, it’s a lie. Do just the opposite. It’s not unAmerican to say “NO!” It’s a means of self-preservation.

As I promote on the show, it’s all about community. Your local community. If your State of the Union is embroiled in dirty politics (which generally the blue states are), focusing on what your State is doing serves no purpose in your local community’s attempt to survive. You need to get involved at the county level. You need to become acquainted with your Sheriff. Join the CSPOA and get active in your local community. Find out who the major players are and ask them what they’re doing to help solve your community’s energy and food crisis. If they think there’s no food shortages or energy crises, they need to be replaced by right-thinking Americans with conservative Christian values (the liberal value systems are NOT working). Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Get involved in your county’s election system. Become a poll worker or poll watcher. Monitor every single aspect of the election process in November. Have your cell phone at the ready to record any malfeasant behavior (harassment of poll watchers, boarding or papering up of windows, all the crap that happened in 2020, etc.) and be ready to call 9-1-1 and get the Sheriff out there. Report what you’ve seen and demand the Sheriff enforce the election laws of your State (which would mean you’d have to know what those laws were, right?).

Set up barter networks. Take on a skill to supplement your barter-ability. If you have a service you can barter for that can operate in a down grid situation, even better. This can only be done on the local level. Get plugged into existing farmers’ and flea markets and ask who (vendors operating in those farmers’ or flea markets) would be open to barter. In the event the real SHTF, you’re going to need to make connections. You will especially need those connections in the event America is attacked directly (and not just by a nuke). See the attached report below by one of the guests on my show. I’ve interviewed state senators on my show who all say EMP is not a matter of “IF” but “WHEN”. They believe it will happen, if not by a deliberate nuke overhead, but through coronal mass ejections or solar flares.

If your home or vehicle is not protected, it should be. You can use my show promo code “TPH” (for The Power Hour) on the website to get a $50 discount. You should access the free library on the website and read ALL of what’s available. You will be convinced, if you’re not already.

You will need alternate energy sources that are protected and you can get more details from these reports.

Here are some other solutions (in brief): firewood supply, alternate fuel supply, solar powered generator (to run minimal appliances, provided they still work), manual kitchen food prep items, several months of food storage, emergency means of obtaining water. Running out of toilet paper will be the least of your concerns if you have no access to water. Reports are included in this post that cover a lot of this stuff.

And last but not least, if you have the ability to stock up on guns and ammo, do it. You will (at some point) have to protect your homestead from intruders, which could be any enemy of the Constitution, both foreign and domestic. A box of rounds and a shotgun isn’t what we’re talking about here either.

If the SHTF, you will be talking about civil unrest of massive proportions. It will start in the major cities and spread slowly out into the countryside. You definitely want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Those living inside of major metropolitan areas will suffer heavy casualties as the system of things implodes (within 72 hours). Those who are part of the problem won’t be around to see the end result. Those flying on aircraft if an EMP hits (about 3,000 aircraft are airborne at any given moment) will plunge to the ground, taking out residences and commercial buildings when they hit. Nearly a half million will die just in that event, both from the airliners and those on the ground hit by the planes and/or their debris. Cars on the roadways will cause instant gridlock. Only those with EMP Shields in their vehicles might be able to navigate their way around standstill traffic, at risk of being carjacked by those who are stranded. SOLUTION: Navigate only on passable roadways (that have shoulders and lots of access points on them to avoid being stuck (and less bridges, which will jam up immediately and remain gridlocked forever). The idea is to know your back roads and be able to get home, your safe spot.

You also need to be aware that in a grid down situation, 9-1-1 and law enforcement will NOT be available and you are on your own (think Wild Wild West). Those without the means to defend themselves will be killed by intruders and home invaders who will come for them and their “stuff”. Nothing that uses electricity will work, so your alarm system and your home telephone won’t either. Law enforcement will be incapacitated and more than likely, will be trying to get to their homes to defend their families. I can guarantee you they won’t be afraid to shoot home invaders so why should you? This comes as a shock to many of you, because the invaders may be unprepared neighbors (who have guns) that know you have power, can smell your food cooking and want what you have and will use any means necessary (and that means ANY means necessary, including violence).


God gave us all free will. He gave us the opportunity to gain knowledge. Having your butt parked in front of the TV half the night because of your insomnia (due to worry) only adds to the problem. The way most Americans are reacting these days is like the housewife who proceeds to vacuum the house after hearing an incoming nuke is headed in her direction. Wisdom is knowledge applied. You can only do for yourself first before you can help your neighbors. You cannot expect the government to help you. Example: Hurricane Katrina. Instead of helping those affected, the government sent SWAT teams door to door to confiscate peoples’ guns. You need to understand government mentality. Everything the government touches turns to shit. You have to put your faith in God and use wisdom in dealing with crisis situations rather than simply putting a bullet in your own head. THAT is definitely NOT a solution worth pursuing. Don’t think you won’t hear of a rash of murder-suicides happening if the SHTF. It will.

Whatever your priorities are in life needs to be evaluated now. Multi-billion-dollar entities like Vanguard, Black Rock and State Street, who are accumulating properties to rent from those being foreclosed on, will find themselves in a world of hurt if EMP strikes because no one will pay rent to them and they will be powerless to collect it. Any “on foot resistance” will likely be met with gunfire. They won’t risk that either. The government has used our tax dollars to fund its own solution … Faraday cages underground. If we experience a grid down situation, all those government employees will forget their allegiance to Uncle Sam and bug out away from the government, who elitist leaders do not care about them.

Sometimes I wonder that an EMP event like the Carrington Event of 1859 might not send enough of a sign to those who remain ignorant that their world is fragile and vulnerable, like the U.S. power grid. Renewable energy involves electronics and electronics can be destroyed in an EMP event. So much for the green new deal, eh? The more this administration pisses off Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, the more likely an EMP event will occur. America’s political leaders will find themselves in the same boat as the rest of us and there are those who will hunt down these unfaithful, self-serving politicians and give them their just rewards.

God gave us free will. He gave us the opportunity to possess knowledge. Wisdom is knowledge applied. God gave us that too. If we choose to make Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior then and ONLY THEN will things be made manifest and the truth shall be exposed for what it is. Do not be overburdened in thought or overwhelmed by it all. After all, the way to get rid of the elephant in the room is one bite at a time.

Listen to The Power Hour for more details and information.

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