And this is why we have appellate courts …

(BREAKING NEWS) — The author of this post is a paralegal, author, national talk show host and consultant to attorneys on consumer law issues and foreclosure defense. This post is for educational purposes only and is not intended to pontificate legal advice.

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The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has reversed and remanded a RESPA-related case back to the District Court for the Western District of New York in a case involving Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC’s (NOTE: Ocwen has been purchased by PHH Mortgage of New Jersey.) alleged failure to record the homeowner’s mortgage instruments and its actions in losing key mortgage documents. The district court found for Ocwen in its summary judgment motion, stating that the Plaintiff’s asserted “errors” did not fall within Regulation X’s “catch-all provision”. The appellate court disagreed and reversed the lower court’s decision and sent the case back for further proceedings as directed by the appellate court.

This case involved an alleged defaulted loan and a subsequent loan modification. The homeowner, Kim Naimoli, sued Ocwen because Ocwen denied her loan modification because of its own failure to record the mortgage documents.


Of note here is that Ocwen failed to record the mortgage. What lien right does it have it the mortgage document isn’t publicly recorded? There is no specific notice to the world, is there?

The mortgage at issue was originally secured in favor of IndyMac Bank, F.S.B., which should raise red flags to most consumers because of the way IndyMac securitized its paper.

As usual, the mortgage loan servicers play handball with the borrower’s documents inside of a loan modification and thus, Ocwen never sent the documents to Naimoli for re-execution. This is problematic for any loan servicer because any lender knows that if the mortgage documents don’t represent a perfected interest, it leaves potential legal loopholes for the homeowner to slip through.

Ocwen denied Naimoli her loan mod because of its own alleged errors and the district court (which these days has become more politicized than not) ruled in favor of Ocwen, claiming that errors in the evolution of loss mitigation options are not covered under RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act; Regulation X)’s catch-all provision and Naimoli appealed.

The Second Circuit clearly explain why Naimoli’s complaint was covered under Regulation X. This is why we have appellate courts. The CFPB also stepped in and filed an amicus brief, which contradicted Ocwen’s claim. No matter, the district court looked past all that and ruled in favor of the lender (servicer; “We can’t hurt the banks!”)

This is a great case to review when it comes to challenging screw-ups under RESPA. See below:

In other news, the rate of foreclosures seems to be holding steady at the moment … not to the level of the massive amount of foreclosures that occurred between 2009 and 2015. This would indicate that the federal government’s bail-out plans for consumers might have worked in some cases, but not so much in others, especially those not on the dole from D.C.

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If you have “trust issues”, you’re not alone! UPDATE!

Dave Krieger interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about his new book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”, December 14, 2021 on from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Central Time. In case you miss the interview, you can listen to its rebroadcast online at the same URL.

(OP-ED) — The author of this post is a paralegal and investigative journalist and offers this “overview” on the subject matter for educational purposes and does not represent any of the following as to legal or medical advice.

As a caveat, this diatribe may evolve into many of my own personal opinions; however, I have grave concerns about how these opinions might negatively influence the readers of this post. This post explores the political and ethical aspects of what has taken place over the last decade and posits the “why” and by what means things are not what they seem in today’s “climate” and what possibilities exist (without having to resort to scare tactics) in our collective futures from a somewhat Libertarian perspective.


Understand that governments are necessary to aid in the civilized function of society. They are not meant to direct and control the society. Our Founding Fathers clearly understood that when they drafted America’s mechanisms of liberty found in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. While the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights have gone unmolested, the Constitution has undergone numerous Amendments that one could say might have been implemented to undermine or subvert the freedoms that were first instituted through our founding documents.

We initially started out with a Republic. Statesman-Inventor Ben Franklin even warned a woman who asked what kind of government the framers had wrought for America and Franklin’s response was: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

Franklin also warned that those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither liberty nor security.

These days, we’ve heard the term, “Democracy” bandied about so much so that depending on who you talk to, this term has been altered and modified to fit whatever ideology the presenter wants the listener to believe. We’ve been programmed to understand that We the People are a part of this process (representative government); however, over the last decade, even this term has been intentionally distorted to drive America into a divisive sinkhole. Sadly, the intentions of the elitist factions (behind the driving force of this campaign) appears to be working.

I am trying to avoid the use of global terminology such as the New World Order because of its negative connotations; however, it would pay to study the ways of the World Economic Forum, as this entity plays a very major role in the way world views have shifted and who is behind the nefarious scenarios that have manifested themselves in recent years.

If you’ll notice, I did not put “tags” in this script as the post is meant for the readers who subscribe to this blog and not for general public consumption because the readers of this blog are generally critical thinkers who clearly can delineate the difference between propaganda and fact, as the general public could regard this discussion as folly.

The political elite and its support base have openly expressed concern (which many have defined as “arrogance”) of their opinion that the existence of the world as we know it has been compromised. They have convinced themselves that the planet Earth’s existence has been compromised by climate change, something only they know how to control. This collective bunch is literally attempting to scare the world’s population into believing that the planet’s existence has been reduced to a matter of years, all because of climate change and how it affects the world’s ability to feed itself. This self-proclaimed pomposity has also generated numerous rumors that unless the elite appoints themselves to resolve these issues, the world is certainly doomed. The elite believe that they have become the world’s authority on the subject because of their collective wealth and political clout and thus, to simplify, they believe they know more than you do and how you should live and be controlled. Beyond that, the basis for which the world is rapidly devolving (according to them) centers around massive population growth as being the key problem that’s causing climate change … and they’ve collectively set about to “fix” that issue.


All any government has to do to gain control of a population is to persuade their minds that without that government’s intervention (in some way, shape or form), things cannot get back to “normal”.

First, we have to define what “normal” is. What it isn’t, is the “new normal”. The difference between the two is that “normal” is to be free of restraint to be able to co-exist peacefully in a civilized society, where racism is not even thought of as a precursor to the Constitutional right of being treated equally. In America, we all are treated equally and those who are successful “create” that lifestyle because free enterprise is rewarded, not shunned. “Normal” is being without fear (the quote on the Jameson Irish Whiskey bottle is “Sine Metu” (pronounced “SEE-nah MAY-too”), which means “without fear”. Without fear means going on about your daily life as a free person without fear of retribution, understanding that “wherever law ends, tyranny begins” (John Locke, 1689).

The “new normal” is built on propaganda. Propaganda is sorted into two categories: (1) misinformation and (2) disinformation. Between the two, any government can create a “state of confusion” designed to control and manipulate the masses into behaving like the government wants the masses to behave. Benjamin Franklin even noted (historically) that “whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” Thus, the question posited here is … Have our rights to speak freely been censored by social media, the media in general and suppressed by the government that condones and supports Big Tech’s behavior? You have to honestly answer that question with another question … Am I afraid to speak freely because I’ve been conditioned to believe that others will shame me for my beliefs? Is my opinion not worth anything anymore?

The average mindset does not perform well when the human being is presented with so much of the foregoing that the mind has serious difficulty using rational thought processes to decipher which statements are true and which are bullshit. If someone said that your government was out to kill you over time with the so-called “vaccine”, would your mind reject such a thought on the basis that “Why would my government want to kill me?” “What did I do to deserve that?” “I’m a productive member of society … why should I believe that I need to be exterminated ‘for the greater good’?”

Understand that since March of 2020, America has been put through the stressful phase of lockdown because of a “perceived” pandemic. Much of the world followed suit. The death toll from the coronavirus still continued to climb. At that point in time, no one ever thought that the government bureaucracy could have manipulated the data to achieve total control through fear. Much to that effort, the mainstream media set about to “program” everyone into believing that if you left the confines of your secure home, you would catch COVID-19 and die. This goes along with the narrative, “never let a crisis go to waste”.

While many of those who “drank the Kool-Aid” still believe this to be true, America was conditioned (programmed) to believe that mask wearing was the only way you could go out in public and exist without getting the virus. The omniscient, omnipresent government had all the answers and the mainstream media played the spoon-fed propaganda (Operation Mockingbird) to the fear-stricken public; thus, mask wearing allegedly became part of the “new normal”.

When reports of mask wearing started emitting from the medical community by frontline doctors, contradictory reports started surfacing in an attempt to demonize those who were promoting the shunning of masks. We couldn’t have all of our “control subjects” running around without masks, right? Many who started becoming suspicious of the “new normal” narratives began to rebel by not wearing masks. People who had been programmed then turned on those who weren’t wearing masks and went so far as to physically assault them. This author observed on multiple occasions consumers who would literally fight over parking spaces in shopping centers, getting out of their cars and getting into fisticuffs. The average person that has been overcome with fear then had to discern whether or not the guy who was beating up the non-mask wearer was right in doing so versus the victim who was simply refusing to be controlled by a narrative. This is (in a way) very similar to interviewed parents who said, “They should have shot them all” … in the media’s follow-up to the May 4, 1970 shootings at Kent State (Ohio) that left 4 dead and 9 wounded. Some folks actually believe that protesting should not be allowed in America because it represents a stand against “the narrative” and that the hundreds who protested at Kent State should have all been “taken out”.

This is where cognitive dissonance kicks in. The human mind rejects what it has originally been conditioned to believe in the event it is presented with a narrative that is so far-fetched that denial of such would be easier than allowing the narrative to control the thought process. The cognitive dissonance part of this equation is looking at a narrative and attempting to rationalize it as to its truthfulness and its application to your situation. Denial is when your original belief system refuses to accept that narrative because your mind believes that the narrative is too far-fetched to be real, even if it might be true. This is why there are “truth seekers” in this world that are willing to go past all “narratives” and determine whether that narrative is actually real based on hard data and research.

It is amazing to see how much of America’s 323-million people actually believe everything their government tells them vis a vis the spoon-fed media, which many have expressed to this author that the media is being told what to say (Operation Mockingbird) by the CIA. How could an agency that is supposed to protect us from foreign invasion by serving in the capacity of intelligence gathering turn on its own citizens and scare them into believing everything the government is telling them through the mainstream media?

When the mind is presented with so many “narratives” that it hits overload, over time, cognitive dissonance is affected and confounded, largely in part because our belief systems have been purposefully altered. This is why Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels’ comment about “feeding a people a lie long enough and soon they will come to believe it” holds true, even in today’s society. Manipulate the data, manipulate the research, manipulate the narrative, manipulate the masses’ belief systems = societal confusion and greater chance of total control of that society, which amount to totalitarianism (communism; control by dictatorship).

Those who reject the narratives are targeted, shamed and demonized into submission or forced to withdraw from the mainstream objectives of society (like giving up a medical license because you, according to your government, are spewing “disinformation” or “misinformation”, when in fact, the government has been manipulating the data to confuse the masses all along and misleading the public to get the public to conform to its way of thinking). What’s worse is when a doctor speaks up, realizing the narrative has been manipulated to hide the real truth … and is then threatened with the loss of his medical license simply because he “went public” with his opinion about the data being manipulated. Oh my! We can’t have THAT now, can we? This is one prime example of the “narratives” being bandied about today that create total confusion among the masses.

Confusion begats fear of the unknown. Fear is the means by which control mechanisms are infused into a civilized society in order to make it turn on itself. Those who let fear rule their lives have turned away from God, the Bible and their walk in love as civilized human beings. Families have even become polarized … and this is all by design to destroy the family unit for the “greater good” of the government’s attempt to enforce its narratives. Here are some examples:


In today’s society, one shining example of purposeful and useful narrative manipulation is mask wearing. To mask or not to mask. THAT is the question? Whether tis nobler to suffer the pain and the slings of COVID or to be placed in total servitude through our own demonstrative ability to conform.

For every claim that masks are essential to prevent COVID, there are studies that refute that idea because the “truth” has been stated that the droplets that contain the virus can be stopped from getting into the atmosphere by those infected when another “truth” has been stated that the COVID virus is so small it penetrates the microscopic holes in the mask. This is a classic confusion narrative.

Studies have been done by American universities over mask wearing by children in schools and the studies have shown that mask wearing has done more harm than good. Children have complained that they become light-headed over time (due to hypoxia), feel less normal because no one can see their facial expressions and thus, they are made to feel “excluded” from reality because their “reality” has been embedded in the “new normal”. When scientists at the University of Florida examined mask samples from a given school, they found all sorts of harmful bacteria breeding inside the masks. So then, what are we to believe? Is mask wearing a scientific means of protecting one’s self from harming others (and vice versa) in exchange for the harmful side effects of wearing a mask or does wearing a mask signify that one has submitted to the total whims and control of the government imposing the wearing of them? Has mask wearing now become a stigma of those who believe everything the government tells them because they’ve lost the ability to think for themselves?

Now, ask yourself … what if the “science” and the “data” was manipulated to achieve a different narrative?

Does that give Dr. Fauci (Mengele) the right to “flip-flop” on his attitudes towards mask wearing? Who the hell made Fauci your God? How do you know his “science” is really “science” and not the means by which Lord Fauci stands to make millions off of his scientific patents? Lest we neglect to follow the money trail, how then can we discern whether the narrative is true or false?


To vax, or not to vax. THAT is the question? This narrative has been so controversial that the human mind is being conditioned to understand that by NOT being vaccinated with this new “drug”, through a government-sanctioned program promoted by the government as Operation Warp Speed … that the following alternative options have been weighted against your decision:

  1. To not be allowed to enter public places, such as restaurants and gyms;
  2. To not be allowed to travel on airlines or cruise ships;
  3. To not be allowed to enter grocery stores;
  4. To not be allowed to travel from state to state in your car;
  5. To not be allowed to go to work;
  6. To be fired from your job for refusing to take the jab; and
  7. To be permanently labeled as “unpatriotic” or as a “dissident” or even worse, as a “domestic terrorist”.

God forbid, which one of these “choke points” has persuaded you that in order to survive, you need to get the jab? This author sees no data to support any of what “Kool-aid” Big Pharma is making billions of dollars a year to get you to indulge in. Again, lest you follow the money trail, how can you discern whether this fear mongering is not really an attempt to induce you into becoming part of the “needle in every arm” narrative?

Further, if the science was revealed that by getting “the jab”, within 3 years you would end up with a neurodegenerative disorder (prion disease), renal failure, be permanently sterilized and rendered infertile and potentially die, would you still take “the jab”? Or would you simply succumb to “peer pressure” because you want to be “accepted” into the realm of the “new normal” among the vaccinated, who chose to play “Russian Roulette” with their lives? Could this be a clear demonstration that choke points contained within the parameters of this narrative (the threat of your loss of freedom) is working to influence your decision making processes?

Now we have the fear of variants. We are being told by the frontline doctors and scientists (including Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier) that the variants are being caused by the vaccines themselves. Oh my! The government cannot allow this narrative to dominate your mind now, can it? Even Montagnier, who discovered HIV is now being shamed by the media and the scientific community.

Let’s think about that for a minute. HIV is a recombinant virus. Recombinant means that the virus has the ability to replicate itself in multiple forms. Back in the 1970’s, Dr. Robert Strecker identified the HIV strains as having the ability to recreate itself 655-trillion times. THAT is the “science” behind why there are now “variants” out there that you must now be fearful of (according to the government).


This is why the narratives of natural immunity are now running in conflict with the idea that these vaccines work. More confusion.

Further, if your mind was laced with propaganda that the World Economic Forum collectively decided that in order to be able to survive “climate change”, “We need to eliminate as much of the world’s population as possible through a vaccine eugenics program!” … would your cognitive dissonance accept the idea that the WEF is Satanic or evil and needs to “go away” … or would you simply deny that (in your own reality) no one is “out to get me” because I’m a “good person”. If you were such a good person, then why are your children being baited against other children through critical race theory and shamed in many of the public schools across America? Many parents of late have awakened to this programming of their children by school teachers that are hell bent in playing into this narrative about hating the country they live in.

One teacher actually took down the American flag and hid it away. When one of her students asked where the class was supposed to face during the Pledge of Allegiance, the teacher pointed at the pride flag.

You see how easy it is to bounce from one narrative to another, simply because all of those “narratives” are “on the table”? Could it be that all of these “narratives” were put there to keep you in a total state of confusion and fear? Where is your trust and faith in God? Do you really believe your government will take care of you when it left Americans and those who helped them in Afghanistan behind enemy lines to be victimized by multiple terrorist organizations that seek to politically destroy America? This aspect of being spoon-fed lies by the Commander in Chief (on more than one occasion) that “no one should be left behind” … well … remember the educational program, “No one left behind”? Examine the parallels and see how society is being manipulated to allow the government to “lower its standards” so that everyone is treated “equally”. Do you see where this is going?


Another contradictory narrative is that the so-called “vaccine” was invented by Trump, so Kamala Harris stated she wouldn’t get the jab on that basis (political motivation based on extreme behavior). Based on relevant data, if Biden were to be impeached because of the conditions he created in Afghanistan, Harris would become president. Pelosi would become Vice President. The narrative then shifts amongst the weary as to the “lesser of two evils” syndrome. But what if the “narrative” was being controlled by outside third parties?

For the sake of politics, what “narrative” are We the People supposed to believe and accept as the “truth”? How much do your leaders that you put your trust in really care about you as a person? The scientific community was looking for a reason to introduce the jab into society … what a better way to accomplish that goal by introducing a bioweapon (the spike protein) into as many human beings as possible via the jab?


“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” (quote from the Wizard of Oz)

When your government’s leaders actions speak louder than their words, should you be worried?

President Joe Biden, Jr. checked his watch each time a dead service member’s body was unloaded off the plane. Was he two hours late for his nap? The service members’ parents observed this behavior and were visibly pissed.
Meanwhile, Kamala “Giggles” Harris was posing in Vietnam in front of the Ho Chi Minh statute. This is the person who will be president if Biden is ever impeached. She was in Vietnam while an unknown number of Americans and Afghan supporters have been stranded in parts of Afghanistan and face potential doom at the hands of terrorists.
And Nancy Pelosi would become the Vice President of the United States if Harris were to become President … use your imagination here as to the State of American Politics if that were to happen. How quickly would all of these narratives “turn on a dime” for the sake of control? Now Pelosi wants Big Tech and the phone companies to turn over all of the opposing politicians’ emails so she can start “building files” on them. How Hillary Clintonesque!


All those Texas Democrats who fled to D.C. to avoid having to vote on legislation that they claim would wreck voting rights for minorities got on board a private aircraft and flew to Washington with no masks on (let’s not forget the beer that was visibly observed on board the plane). Were they really protesting the Republican-sponsored bill or were they going to D.C. to try to lobby the Democratic-majority House of Representatives to get a federal voting rights bill passed?

Seven of those Texas Democrats who fled to D.C. came down with COVID-19. They all congregated in think tank sessions with VP Kamala Harris, who, despite all of the fracas in Kabul, managed to distance herself from it all to save her own political ass. Do you see what the political options are for America? Their efforts to lobby D.C. to pass a federal voting law to save these Democratic politicians’ asses in Austin, Texas were futile. Now the Texas legislature is back in session and the Voting Rights bill has now become law.

Yet politicians and the media have managed to polarize America through divisiveness and has turned Americans against each other to the point where we have rejected even the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion with each other. Parts of society have even reared their ugly heads in the name of race-baited political ideologies to further their causes of what they claim are “white supremacy” or “black lives matter” (as if no other lives matter). It’s so easy to label someone as a “racist” because you don’t agree with their opinion, isn’t it?


This narrative has got everybody “worked up” … January 6, 2021 … Washington, D.C.

Everyone’s got an opinion. Apparently, the Democrats in Washington don’t want a good crisis to go to waste. Yet folks who were arrested and put into D.C. jails without being able to see an attorney continue to “rot” in their cells while the political tirade carries on before a committee of self-aggrandizing, pompous asses who want to get to the bottom of how Capitol Police allowed demonstrators to get into the House of Representatives “in an attempt to stop the electoral process from confirming Biden as President”. Do you see where this “narrative” has caused so much divisiveness among the masses in America?

Now there’s talk that the FBI had informants in the crowd who were put there to incite the riot. It’s the “cause and effect” narrative. How can one create more confusion to further achieve the objectives of controlling the masses? To even think that the FBI would even stoop so low … well … this author has “trust issues” just on that basis alone.

And the Capitol Police were given every opportunity to fully ramp up to protect the capitol from rioting that day, yet they weren’t called in full force. Neither was the National Guard. Do you believe that subject matter will be put on the table or swept under the rug? And what about the FBI informants? The cop who shot Ashlii Babbitt? He’s been exonerated for “doing his job”. Has that affected your narrative outlook? To think that if that same black cop shot a black person instead of an unarmed white person, would the narrative now change? Or do you need more data to make a real decision? In other words, if it’s not a white cop killing a black person (George Floyd), does the narrative become useful for some but not for others? Statistical data say otherwise. But then again, how do you know the data is really the truth? How do you know that data hasn’t been manipulated to cause groups like BLM to start their defund the police campaigns? When you cannot trust the government to protect you, what then must you do?

It’s okay if protesters riot, loot and burn our cities but it’s not okay to riot at the Capitol? And after January 6th, what happened? A giant fence was erected around buildings that belong to We the People … all in the name of security? For who? The self-serving blowhards in Congress?

Contradictions in political thinking also create divisiveness. This narrative is more confusing than even the mask or the vaccine narratives because a lot of folks have made up their mind about both wearing masks and getting the jab.

In fact, over 50% of the U.S. population that has the ability to get the jab because it was made available to them have done so. Politically speaking, 9 out of 10 Democrats (as opposed to 1 out of 2 Republicans) got the jab. Does this mean that the whole infusion of potential Democratic voters through our southern borders is counterproductive? How could it be? The opposing narrative is to kill off everyone through the jab so the 500,000,000 the world can support (according to the elite) themselves, because those in power belief all of their bullshit. They’ve all convinced themselves they’re right, which is another key reason NOT to “trust” what they think.


Lucky #7!

It is infuriating to think that with all of the foregoing narratives floating around in your head … add to that the “open border” situation along America’s southern border. Tens of thousands of people are freely migrating into this country on a regular basis, many of them being apprehended; many of them infected with COVID-19. Many of them have been placed into detention camps and prisons all across the U.S.

Yet, your President has come right out and told you that YOU, as an American citizen, should do your patriotic duty and wear and mask and get the jab, while thousands of migrants who seek asylum in the U.S. don’t have to comply with either of these mandates. Do the conflicting narratives now manifest the real intent of those who allowed America’s borders to be opened … to speed up the amnesty process so all of these “new citizens” can vote Democrat? And all of the Afghans that have recently been brought into America … now the news is coming out that many of these are just citizens trying to escape Sharia law and none of them were ever involved in helping American soldiers in the Afghan conflict. Does this contradiction in the “no one left behind” narrative now bring added stress to your mental level of security?


To paraphrase Ben Franklin … those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither liberty or security.

The question we need to be asking ourselves is whether the foregoing narratives were put in front of us (through a year’s worth of lockdowns) as a means to program us into hating each other and dividing America so the elitists could then come in and “take over”? Have we become so reckless that we’ve allowed our “guards” to be let down to the whims and dictates of the left? Have we become so “mindless” that the government should be allowed to step in as our “guardian” and turn us all into Soylent Green? Montagnier has identified that 4% of the strains in the jabs contain HIV and malaria viruses. And now, think about why we have variants? Is that by design? Oh my! How could our government do such a thing to all of us little “good people” out there?

The next question we need to be asking ourselves is why the government is so quick to dismiss whether the COVID-19 virus is a bioweapon that was launched on the world to deliberately destroy it so a think tank could further its agenda to inject the very bioweapon into our bodies through the jab?

There are a multitude of questions that come up for each of the foregoing narratives (and that’s not even ALL of the narratives, huh?) that have all of us at each other’s throats … yet which killed more people? COVID-19 or suicide by opioid overdose or self-inflicted gunshot wounds? Cancer or traffic accidents? Do cops kill more white people than black people or do black people kill more black people than cops? Can you as an individual control what happens in society or do you think how you control your own destiny is more important? Does it make one a “racist” for adopting a “me first” attitude? Or does the “collective good” principle hold true that you must do what benefits society as a whole? What benefits society as a whole, is the duty of its citizens to live responsibly.

And you wonder why lockdowns serve an alleged “dual purpose”? People can be so “spoon-fed” propaganda … it’s just like out of a chapter of George Orwell’s technocratic novella 1984, isn’t it?


Critical thinking is important here. America was not embroiled in racism of late. We have been conditioned to survive in our own bubbles, wondering whether or not (when or if) we’re going to have our personal freedoms completely eliminated. The Prime Minister of New Zealand locked down the entire country over one allegedly positive PCR test. And what about those PCR tests? Because they didn’t have COVID strains in them, how does one know they weren’t ALL false positive in their results, no matter how many times one got tested? Could this be the reason the data can be so easily manipulated so as to continue to drive the fear-based narrative into the minds of the population to get them to comply with government dicta?

The author refers to this as a “sub-narrative” because it’s a question that follows a question arising out of a classic confusion narrative. Again, watching re-runs of the Deer Hunter and the Russian Roulette scene should bring to mind the psychotic state of many Americans … all because of programmed fear mongering.

One would wonder why the illegal immigrants invading this country don’t just pay a visit to all of the politicians who engineered their freedom to roam the countryside, potentially infected with COVID-19, without any repercussions at all, while the government is demanding we all get vaccinated. Hmmm. Don’t the contradictions seem a little obvious here?

The opportunity to control your narrative begins here. This is the point in time that one must realize that if We the People don’t regain control of our own destinies, none of us may ever be able to achieve any of them. Do we have to peacefully assemble and demonstrate to get the message across? Or must the tree of liberty be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants?

Many of those who have served this country (in the armed forces) see the shit show in Afghanistan as a dereliction of duty by their own Commander-in-Chief and are now arming themselves to the teeth. Why do you think the Biden Administration now wants to take away everyone’s guns and ammunition? What is our government so afraid of? As it is, even the military is being race-bated with critical race theory narratives and made to tear down its self worth. People on the outside looking in, which dominate the unvaccinated in America, understand that if they want “security”, they have to provide it for themselves. Unless our government structure changes, this “Red State, Blue State” scenario could turn into a full-blown civil war. Let that narrative soak in … because the longer our borders stay open, the greater the chances terrorists who want to destroy America will sneak in and threaten your personal security. What do we need? Another “9-11” to “snap” us out of our delirium? If terrorism attacks come to America, will you thank your government for allowing them to happen because of twisted foreign policy?

If this author were to tell you that there is no “security” except that which you create for yourself, would you seek to achieve that by any means possible? Or would you think the author is simply being paranoid?

God Bless each one of us … that we make the right decisions … that we collectively “do the right thing” … walk in love … be kind to each other … talk to each other civilly and treat each other as we ourselves want to be treated … and stop kowtowing to the whims of a government that appears to have replaced security and self-governance with fear, hatred and self-loathing. We have been bestowed with documents enacted by our Founding Fathers that give us those inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let us not forget that our individual purposes in life is to bless others’ lives while we exist on this earth.

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Conspiracy? Maybe Not!

(OP-ED) — The author of this post is a paralegal and investigative journalist whose effort to uncover the truth about foreclosures has led him to author several books on the subject. All of these works, including this article, are posted for the sake of educating the public as to what is really going on and how the deck is stacked against homeowners as the county land records “take a beating” in trash, suspect documents.


Of course they will … the U.S. Supreme Court just ruled (6-3) against the Biden Administration’s revised version of the CDC-imposed moratorium. You knew it would happen at some point. It makes no difference WHO puts down moratorium rules and for what reason. The U.S. Government always has an “end game”, whether it makes any sense or not … and whether it’s legal or not. The CDC enacts a moratorium and the “person in charge”, who appears to have the “mental acuity of a 2-year-old”, has to ask constitutional lawyers if what he is doing is legal. It has already been ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court that the CDC has no authority to declare a moratorium, yet the U.S. Government does it anyway, simply because it can. If no one says anything, the government and its bureaucratic hierarchy get away with it. And landlords continue to suffer while deadbeat tenants continue to enrich themselves at their expense. Is that fair? Oops. There goes that liberal term “fair” again. Hell, the author can’t even use the word “equitable” here because there is none.

Being a landlord is a business. Landlords have to go out and create wealth using real estate, by whatever means necessary. Some landlords abuse the system by artificially creating wealth to expand their rental basest the expense of tenants. Some landlords truly deserve the name “slumlords”, chiefly because they let their “investments” deteriorate. In the end, someone ends up complaining and the landlords eventually wind up in court, attempting to explain themselves and their degenerative behaviors.

Being a mortgage loan servicer is big business too. Many landlords go out and borrow money to finance homes they intend on renting out. As each home is rented and paid down, the landlords gain equity; however, when tenants don’t pay, landlords can’t pay, and mortgage loan servicers end up “doing their thing”, so long as the government says so. To make the truth plain and simple, because of moratoriums and lockdowns imposed by our government, whether rational or not, at the end of the day, when the moratoriums go away, homeowners who are behind on their mortgage payments aren’t the only ones that are going to be foreclosed on. Landlords who have been struggling trying to keep up with their mortgage payments on their rental properties occupied by non-paying tenants are also going to fall victim to the mortgage loan crisis.

When you interrupt the rental supply chain with “protocols” and “regulations”, things go to hell in a hand basket in short order. That goes for any essential operating parts of machinery needed to keep the supply chain running that cannot be imported because of COVID protocols or for any other excuse the government deems important (imposed by the “do as I say, not as I do” bunch). In any case, the bigger hedge funds, like BlackRock and Vanguard, are all on stand-by with their claws out, ready to swoop down and buy up as much foreclosed real estate as they can feasibly get their hands on. To cover up their tracks, they will (as they currently are doing) use “shell” companies to purchase available properties they can buy up to turn into rental properties. Could this be some sort of conspiracy? Maybe not. Before you sell your property to one of these entities, look them up in the Secretary of State’s database. It may surprise you as to what you find.


There has to be a “method to the madness” (as it were) in order to accomplish the task of depleting Americans of their wealth. Nationalizing the rental market in the hands of a few is one way. If the government and the banks and their henchmen can use the court system to achieve this goal, they’ll do it by any means possible, just like they have since the 2009 foreclosure crisis began. By 2015, there was a lull in the crisis … and it appears that many foreclosure mill law firms ran out of properties to foreclose on and faded into the woodwork. Since the eviction moratoriums were imposed at the beginning of the first quarter of 2020, foreclosure mill law firms have started to reform and are preparing for another onslaught against homeowners, en masse, as soon as the self-proclaimed moratoriums end.

Enter the mortgage loan servicers. In order to achieve foreclosure, the law firms prosecuting these foreclosures (in the civil realm) have to have help. The land records, as screwed up as they are most of the time, don’t reveal the naked truth. Thus, the mortgage loan servicers have to step in and move the process along, by recording trash, suspect documents to avail themselves and their alleged “lenders” of standing to foreclose so the foreclosure mill law firms and their shills have something to argue to the court to win rulings in their favor. The unsuspecting homeowners, who up to this point may or may not have enjoyed their “reprieve” from being kicked out of their homes, don’t even bother to go to the land records in the county their property is located in and check to see what has been “recorded” (NOT FILED) by the mortgage loan servicers. They’re too busy enjoying what’s left of their “destiny”. Or maybe they are sweating bullets, but too preoccupied to go check the records before the SHTF.

In March of 2012, the mortgage loan servicers entered into an agreement with 49 States’ Attorneys General and promised NOT to trash the land records with suspect documents. No sooner did the ink dry however, the mortgage loan servicers were back to business, continuing the process they were so good at in facilitating the 2009 foreclose crisis … creating false documents and causing them to be recorded … slandering one property’s title after another.

In October of 2012, DK Consultants LLC out of Texas was retained by the Williamson County Clerk to come into the courthouse in Georgetown, Texas (inside of a locked basement office occupied also by the Clerk’s deputies) and conduct a “cursory audit” of documents the Clerk (Nancy Rister) and her deputies had culled from the county’s land records. In January of 2013, a report was presented to the Williamson County Commissioner’s Court (behind locked doors with sheriff’s deputies standing guard), while the consultant, his attorney and the County Clerk presented their findings to a somewhat stunned county commission. The commissioners had no idea their even their own records were looked into to see if they were affected and some of them were surprised to find out that “suspect” documents existed in their own back yards!

In July of 2014, DK Consultants was again retained to investigate and compile data from the Osceola County, Florida land records. Due to previous suppositions formed out of the Williamson County Real Property Records Audit, the team, which consisted also of a foreclosure defense attorney (Al West), began a 4-day arduous task of compiling certified copies (in a hotel meeting room in Osceola County, with direct access to county land records supplied by the county’s IT department) of what appeared to be “suspect” recordings of trash documents. On December 30, 2014, a 758-page report (Osceola County Forensic Examination), accompanied by an attorney opinion letter, was released to the Osceola County Clerk of the Circuit Court (Armando Ramirez) containing the findings of the examination, accompanied by 17 bankers boxes of certified documents that the team deemed as suspect.

As in the previous audit, the media again swooped down to have a “field day” in an attempt to “shoot the messenger”, because a definite “pattern” of behavior had emerged and had become evident and exposed in the report. The evidence wasn’t pretty; however, this was a report and not an indictment. This was investigative work. This wasn’t a grand jury. Some foreclosure defense attorneys, like Matt Weidner, went on camera and scoffed at the report, not bothering to notice the attorney opinion letter, stating the report, “wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.” As a result of that interview, people reading Weidner’s blog posts slammed his ass good for defaming the report.

In the weeks and months that followed, the author of the report (the author of this post), received dozens of calls from attorneys and law firms who obtained a copy of this report from the Clerk’s website, wanting more information, commenting that they were seeing the same patterns of behavior that the report evidenced in their cases. Could this be some sort of conspiracy? Maybe not.


The pattern of behavior that was exposed since the reintroduction of securitization into the American economy (through the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act) is still made manifest today. The pattern of trash document manufacturing started and continued by the title companies (as early as 2002) and their employees and third-party document mills retained to keep the pattern from being identified through expanded “arms length transactions” was set into motion. As time progressed, it became more evident that the blatant attempts to “connect the dots” within the chain of title became more ominous in nature as the mortgage loan servicers themselves decided to partake in the game of document fabrication (from around 2004 and beyond). The use of “MERS” (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.) became popular as 5,500+ subscribers to that system (including the Secret Service and the FBI) made use of that database to log in and enter data they owned, inputting their data which identified a long string of promissory note transfers from entity to entity which affected each reported mortgage loan.

In order to “tie off loose ends”, something had to be done to make the land records “jive” with the actual transfers of the promissory notes; thus, MERS became an uninvolved “player” in the game of trash assignments. But the pattern of behavior (by 2009) had become more predominant, when the foreclosure mill law firms themselves became involved in the document manufacturing. Vis a vis discovery, it was further made manifest that the mortgage loan servicers and the law firms that were involved in the creation of these trash documents were connected via what are known as “servicing platforms” (i.e. VendorScape, ServiceLink, etc.), wherein the law firms and their employees could communicate through these platforms with the mortgage loan servicers, to create plausible trash documents that would attempt to “match up” with the alleged “path” the note traveled in an effort to bat clean-up to whitewash the securitization process and make the attorneys’ stories to the judge more plausible.

Homeowners in many counties who discovered the discrepancies in their land records (many of whom found themselves facing foreclosure) complained to the county clerks and recorders of what they found when they obtained copies of what was recorded in the official property records in their respective counties. This is how the county clerks and recorder and registers of deeds became aware and thus involved in identifying just how serious and widespread this trash recording system had proliferated the entire country. Soon other clerks and recorders were looking into their records and to their amazement, this same pattern emerged out of their own back yards. Sadly, many clerks and recorders “stuck their heads in the sand”, while others did not and became very vocal about it, even filing lawsuits against MERS and the mortgage loan servicers and banks they claimed were responsible for the mess.

Based on the direct involvement and research and collective meetings with foreclosure defense attorneys, clerks, recorders and registers of deeds over the matter, the author of this post soon put together Clouded Titles … now in its Mayday Edition (432 pp.) and as that book started to circulate, even judges and court officials became aware that people were “taking notice” and writing about it. One federal magistrate chuckled when this author gave him one of the initial copies of the book, recognizing why MERS was trying to have him (the author) ejected from a federal settlement conference in Kansas City in 2011. All the judge had to do was look at the title and he “got it”.

The judges in today’s system are very much aware of the trash document problem. However, because the banks donate money to their election campaigns, judges are reluctant to acknowledge the document’s negative effect on any given property’s chain of title. They’re more concerned with who has the promissory note; no matter how the “ends were tied together” to make the foreclosure mill attorney’s “story” more plausible. It didn’t matter. And homeowners, relying on foreclosure defense attorneys (many of whom were clueless as to the real issues), faltered through their foreclosure cases which ended up in the homeowners being kicked out of their homes. Most common judicial answer given … “We can’t hurt the banks.” As in the previous audit, the media again swooped down to have a “field day” in an attempt to “shoot the messenger”, because a definite “pattern” of behavior had emerged and had become evident and exposed in the report. The evidence wasn’t pretty; however, this was a report and not an indictment. This was investigative work. This wasn’t a grand jury. Some foreclosure defense attorneys, like Matt Weidner, went on camera and scoffed at the report, not bothering to notice the attorney opinion letter, stating the report, “wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.” In the weeks and months that followed, the author of that report (the author of this post), received dozens of calls from attorneys and law firms who obtained a copy of this report from the Clerk’s website, wanting more information, commenting that they were seeing the same patterns of behavior that the report evidenced in their cases. Could this be some sort of conspiracy? Maybe not.


In examining the land records, the author of this post (who has examined thousands of such records) had to take the emotion completely out of what he was seeing in the examination of each document. One would have to realize there indeed was a “fact pattern” that had emerged in order to recognize and identify the culprits. One would have to have certain investigative knowledge of how the mortgage loan servicers retained independent contractors and support bases of employees who did nothing more than create, execute and cause to be recorded the successive chain of nonsense that (to this day) continue to show up in every foreclosure case on the planet as “evidence”. This is exactly what California attorney Al West learned in an interview with one of the independent contractors that worked at the Bank of America Simi Valley “document manufacturing plant”.

Homeowners need to become aware of what is in the land records. The reason that the clerks’ offices have “deputies” is to help homeowners locate these records (if they need help). One who is of the mindset to be educated on attacking the process first has to “get the goods” by paying for copies of every recorded document since they owned the property and analyzing their chains of title and how each document in the chain applies to their given scenario.

The commonality that these trash documents all share in today’s times is that multiple parties were involved in the creation, execution and recordation of these suspect assignments, substitution of trustees, notices of default and sale and notices of lis pendens. Each false recording slanders title. That is a given. There’s no getting around it. It then becomes the responsibility of the homeowner to identify WHO slandered his title, while keeping their emotions in check. If you, the homeowner, were pissed because of what you found, you can’t think straight and your final analysis will be flawed because you will miss important “markers”.

This author wrote about all of those “markers” in his book Clouded Titles, now in its Mayday Edition. Nothing has changed in the nature and scope of the way these documents are produced; however, the method by which you can attack them in court has become a little more refined. This author is not going to get verbose here; however, there is a full DVD-training kit, along with a manual of sample pleadings that this author used to successfully get rid of a trash document in a land record in Florida, which is included in The C & E on Steroids! … also available for your educational benefit.

The key here is to attack the document when it first appears in the land records. If you wait until the foreclosure process has started, you’ll find your action consolidated by the court into the foreclosure case and thus, a foreclosure court judge will be hearing the matter instead of an unbiased county court at law judge. Thus, checking the land records if you even think you’re going to get behind in your mortgage payments would be more than prudent at this point … and keep checking every week … because you never know when the S is going to HTF.


A word of encouragement is offered here, because homeowners this author has interviewed are fighting back. One homeowner in Florida is in Year 13 of his litigation. He has been scoffed at by judges, intimidated by bailiffs, trashed by foreclosure mill attorneys and deceived by the federal court system. Yet, he’s still at it … he has the house rented out and is still fighting the foreclosure … largely in part because he chose to keep researching and investigating his case.

Again, this author has a subscription to Been Verified. This is probably the most affordable tool to researching individual players “in the game”. It’s amazing what you can find out about bank employees, mortgage loan servicer employees and third-party document hacks and notaries. Using the secretary of states’ databases can help you track notary commissions and read up on the rules. DO NOT CONTACT THE PLAYERS THEMSELVES!!! Yes … the author knows that if you’re a pissed off homeowner, the propensity to “reach out and touch someone exists”; however, a caveat here: You risk killing your case if you attempt to contact those whom you are investigating. It’s amazing that in one case, a California homeowner and his attorney are still trying to find former Nationwide Title Clearing (Palm Harbor, Florida) employee Jessica Sheetz. She keeps “relocating” every time the process server gets close. She got tipped off because someone called her employer, inquiring as to her employment status. It takes only one simple phone call to screw your case permanently … so avoid the temptation.

Public records are also a great way to track corporations. Most of the websites will allow you to download copies of their corporate filings. You can also go to or subscribe to to track documents that might show you mergers and acquisitions between firms.

Hell … this author found out (through his Austin attorney) that the law firm of Brice, Vander Linden & Wernick was dissolved 3 weeks after the Williamson County Real Property Records Audit was released and made public. That law firm was named in the report multiple times, which, upon discovering their mention in the audit, faded into the woodwork to avoid scrutiny. Talk about having an impact! Stuff like this doesn’t happen every day; but when it does, you bask in the thought you might have made a difference in someone’s life.

As a footnote … this author is contemplating doing another live foreclosure defense workshop in a “free state” (that means a Red State), where you can travel (for the moment) without having to worry about vaccine mandates and mask wearing and freely exchange ideas and learn new tactics for staying in your home for simply being proactive.

Of course, we recommend that if you’re sick, you have enough smarts to stay home and watch the program in limited view on live stream and take notes. Again, your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Remember, “they” win when YOU give up! Your comments are welcome as to the proposed workshop! The author will attempt to have attorneys present that can answer legal questions as we explore the simplest ways to extend the life of your stay past any moratorium (and maybe even win your case)!

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Other relevant issues

The author of this post is currently a radio talk show host on (City Spotlight – Special Edition) and has (for the last 2 years, on numerous occasions) had on guests that have been fighting their foreclosures for over 13 years, as well as attorneys who have fought foreclosures in the courts across America. Any content shared on this post is for educational purposes only and thus, cannot be construed as legal advice.

If you look at the bottom of the Clouded Titles Blog page, you’ll notice at the end of the script at the very bottom, it says “… and other relevant issues.” There was a reason for adding this phrase because from time to time, consumers can (and are being) affected by more than just foreclosure. The author wishes to take advantage of that phrase to address some other issues that are currently plaguing America besides the looming foreclosure crisis redux.


From time to time, you’ve heard the saying, “We are our own worst enemy.” The “We” part of that has been twisted up in knots to currently mean, “We the People” (from a Constitutional perspective).

When I was guest hosting on The Power Hour in July of this year (I’m getting ready to move into the full-time show host slot on that channel soon), I interviewed Dr. Naomi Wolf, whose Twitter and now YouTube accounts have been deleted because of comments she made on those sites that were deemed by the moderators of these two platforms as “misinformation” or “against policy”. Dr. Wolf has taken up the issues of “masking” and “the jab” and “choice”.

Since when is free speech in America against policy? When it appears not to conform to the platitudes of social media.

I will tell you in the here and now that Dr. Wolf’s interview was “challenging” because despite our commonalities and beliefs in the Constitution (she’s a die-hard liberal Democrat and I’m a Libertarian; however, I do not espouse everything with the Libertarian mindset, but almost everything) she is still a human being with a right to her opinion, just as you as an American, under the protections of the Constitution, are entitled to your opinion.


The major problem we have today is the apparent inability to share our opinions and ideas without fear of being banned, suspended, disgraced or censored by some social media platform … or having our sites or comments deleted because we attempt to share research or concepts by which we desire to shape the opinions of others.

Part of the problem with Big Tech is that it is one-sided and rather tyrannical. Yet many choose to continue to support it by maintaining channels within its platforms. The author had to ask himself that if Dr. Wolf, a liberal, could be so easily censored, then when can this author expect the same treatment from social media because he seeks to help others by sharing information that can help shape ideas and opinions and cause others to actually “think”?

America has fallen victim to political subterfuge, cancel culture and demonization. These, by definition, are very dangerous obstacles to the Constitution of the United States of America. When we are not allowed the freedom to speak, to share ideas, to congregate and discuss the “relevant issues” of the day, we are faced with tyranny.

America has never been a country to tolerate tyranny … at least up until now. Tyranny has been nibbling away at the very foundations of what has made America great. (I’m not a “Trumper” … I’m a “Trumpeter”). There is no need (in the author’s book) to make something great “again” that has always been “great” in the first place. I do take issue however, with what BOTH “sides of the aisle” have done to this great nation of ours. We the People have elected a president and congress (whether you choose to believe is “legal” is still up for debate) that have literally wrecked America for the time being. We the People have been given “options” to face, all in the name of survival.

In New Zealand, one reported case of the Democratic Flu and the entire country was shut down with the woman prime minister telling each citizen to “stay in your bubble”. America experienced something similar back in March of 2020, when its citizens were all told to “stay in their bubbles”. Don’t congregate, don’t socialize … just sit back, watch your favorite Netflix shows and watch and listen to “mainstream media” program your mind with fear and thoughts of rejection and white supremacy. It’s no wonder the rates of suicide and opioid overdoses skyrocketed during the balance of 2020.


The media doesn’t refer to the content of what it presents as “programming” for nothing. Having been in the media for a number of years (since 1968), a majority of the “programming” this author has seen evolve has become a “tool” of politization and mind control. The constant bombardment of the liberal establishment has turned our collective minds into goo, while the constant bombardment of the conservative counter programming has attempted to shift our attitudes away from the liberal attitudes we’ve been programmed with for over a year of lockdowns with attitudes of fear. I take issue with both sides because the programming that has been expressed (in any media) has been rife with politics with no basis in real fact or data that is believable, but rather based on emotion. If one sits in front of the tube night after night, day after day, watching all of this “programming”, one might be left in a state of hopelessness and despair, thinking there is no other way out of these “doldrums”, without taking some sort of evasive action to escape it.

You can’t go anywhere these days without seeing someone and judging them more harshly than you used to because of cancel culture programming. Parents are now rising up against teachers and school boards who have taken up the task of programming their children with critical race theory, which in the end is counterproductive to a free-thinking society that has been stripped of its ability to walk around this earth in love. How can one be a member of a civilized society if they’re being programmed with hate, fear and self-loathing? Being told you’re less of a person because you’re “white” and you should be ashamed of yourself is “going off the deep end” because it’s an extreme attitude and generally, extreme attitudes are avoided by the human mind based on cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance is the mind’s ability to reject those thoughts that the soul finds disconcerting and unbelievable. But what happens if this “programming” is spoon-fed to our nation’s children day after day, week after week and month after month, followed by, “Okay, kids, go home and have a nice summer!” That’s like training a terrorist to go home and disrupt the family unit because your kid has spent the last 9 months in a “training camp” that has programmed him to fear, hate and feel less than a human being.

The one thing about cognitive dissonance is that counterculture programming over time can reshape the mind to believe anything those tasked with reshaping the minds (of our children) are allowed to get away with. This is why you see parents screaming at school board members about the way their children are being “educated”.

As in the days of Nazi Germany, propaganda minister Josef Goebbels proclaimed that if you lie to people often enough, soon they will come to believe it. History has taught us just how effective this “programming” was. Now you have the Department of Homeland Security. Back in the days of the Third Reich, Hitler referred to Germany as “the homeland”. History does repeat itself and those who are ignorant of it are condemned to repeat it. (Georg Satayana) This is why the woke in this country want to tear down statues and promote racism and fear because if you can change society’s way of thinking and program its citizens to accept government control, you can change the entire landscape to become government-dependent. That … is socialism.

Socialism on paper looks great … but in practice? It’s been tried in other countries around the world and has failed miserably.

Remember what happened in Nazi Germany prior to WWII? First came the proposition of gun registration. Then came gun confiscation when people refused to give up their guns voluntarily. Then came demonization (of those Hitler thought were not justified to be citizens of the “homeland” because of their race, color or religious beliefs) of certain factions of society. Then came the political polarization of the masses. Then came the “rounding up” of those factions of society that were to “blame” for society’s problems. Then came the concentration camps.

Now see what is going on in America … as history unfolds. We now have gun registration. But we also have concealed carry permits in many states. Gun confiscation has not occurred yet because not enough Americans have been deemed mentally unfit to possess a firearm. We have more prisons here than any other nation in the world. We have Rex84 Program style concentration camps that are currently housing illegal immigrants awaiting deportation. Americans have been placed in a state of fear because some virus has been portrayed (through programming) to them to be deadly and thus promoted the separation of the masses so that ideas of what constitutes “deadly” and who’s “at fault” for letting this virus into the country, which amounts to a biological attack on the United States. Then the cancel culture starts up, first by censorship, then by being spoon-fed lies based on emotion, followed by mandates of some kind or another to impose social controls.

The foregoing are relevant issues because Americans can control their destinies if they choose to. They have the mindset to resist programming. The question is, do Americans have the mindset to resist react accordingly? Or have we collectively been reduced to a puddle of pudding?


This section was the author’s favorite (and final) section to write. Little did Sir Isaac Newton figure into the equation that in today’s political climate, the “just desserts” side of things is nearing critical mass.

Understand that those who have done their research understand that taking “the jab” could be lethal or produce undesirable consequences, such as rendering one a vegetable or even worse. For every government scientist that spews for the “safety and efficacy” of today’s known Emergency Use Authorization so-called “vaccine”, the equal and opposite reaction is frontline doctors who have looked at the data and disagree with what the government-sponsored scientists are saying.

The following factors have “put the kettle on to boil”:

  1. The Department of Homeland Security has now declared that all those who are “unvaccinated” should be considered “unpatriotic” and a potential “enemy of the state”.
  2. The “narrative” involving how We the People should behave socially keeps changing. First, we are told to stay home (lockdown) for our own good. We stay home and then what else is there to do besides yard work and chores around the house we couldn’t get done earlier. Second, we are told to wear masks everywhere because it’s for the good of those around you. Lord knows we don’t have enough common sense to stay home when we’re sick, right? So the government should do your thinking for you. Third, we’re told masks aren’t effective. Fourth, we’re told that the shot is “safe and effective against COVID”. Then the data prove that most of those getting the shot are coming down with COVID. Is America confused? Confusion causes panic and panic is a great motivator towards self-destruction or destruction of others.
  3. When we question the “science” and the “data” we are shamed by the government and others, censored when we try to express ourselves; and subsequently told simply just to shut up or be deleted from social media, which inherently is demonizing. This is Big Tech censorship, working hand in hand with the world’s elite to silence the dissidents.
  4. We were lied to about the conditions on the ground in Afghanistan. We were lied to about the condition of the Afghan military. The White House says one thing and the boots on the ground and the Pentagon says quite another. We were lied to about where the tens of billions of dollars were spent on a 20-year war. We were disillusioned by what we saw of all of the military equipment and inventory left behind as a waste of our tax dollars.
  5. 80-million plus voters feel disenfranchised because they think the 2020 election results were manipulated. Given the widespread auditing going on and the newly-discovered irregularities in the states’ election systems, can you blame anyone for the way they feel?
  6. The unnecessary killing of an unarmed veteran, Ashlii Babbitt by Capitol Police Officer Lt. Michael Byrd, who is being hailed both as a hero and as a victim. There are a lot of unanswered questions as to why a police officer can kill an unarmed American protester and not have to answer for that. But then again, the rules of engagement changed at Ruby Ridge and Waco and people died because it’s okay for government agents to shoot and kill innocent women and children all the while demonizing them in the media. It’s amazing that then-Attorney General Janet Reno said, “The buck stops with me.” Sound familiar?
  7. The government demands we comply with all of these COVID directives, yet the hierarchy, in complete disregard for the safety and welfare of Americans, opens the southern borders up to hordes of illegal immigrants to flood into the United States and then puts them on buses and planes and ships them off to various U.S. cities. Many of those came across the border with COVID. Many snuck across the border under stealth and managed to avoid authorities and are now “at large”. Doesn’t this kind of give you an unsettling feeling? To think that actual terrorists could be among those who snuck into America did so with the intent on committing acts rivaling those that occurred on 9-11.
  8. Many Americans have a sinking feeling about who they put into office, especially when they look at the rate of inflation and runaway spending sprees that Congress is putting into motion. The Keystone Pipeline has been shut down and now we are dependent on foreign oil again. When you have to start paying $5.00 a gallon for gasoline (if you’re not already), you have less money to buy groceries with. With energy prices going up as well, how long do you think it will be before people hit “the end of their rope”? How long can America tolerate a leader in the White House with a mental acuity of a 2-year-old before people snap?

Texas and Missouri just won a major challenge to the U.S. Government’s blunders to allow runaway immigration and their case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the nation’s high court ordered the reinstatement of the Remain in Mexico policy enacted by then-President Trump. It is not known yet whether the government is going to comply or whether the federal judge that issued the initial order is going to have to hold government officials accountable (in contempt) for violating his orders.

While all this is going on, Americans are voting with their feet and protesting against Blue State regulations. They are moving from Blue States to Red States. It is shameful that we have allowed politicians to polarize America into Dr. Seuss-type, “One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State” labeling. Angry American citizens in Red States continue to arm themselves for what this author has ascertained is the perception that America is facing another Civil War. What? That can’t happen here, right? History repeats itself. As long as we have a government that thinks that White Supremacists constitute all Republicans and business owners, and “woke” corporations treat American workers like they have been over refusing to be vaccinated, America is in serious trouble.

Health care workers worry about the collapse of the health care system due to walk-outs by those who won’t take the jab. Threats of imposing a “no-fly” list have put another layer of anxiety to the minds of unvaxxed travelers, who fret that an struggling air traffic system will be more heavily regulated, all in the name of “patriotism”.

Governors of several states have imposed mandatory this and mandatory that. Prosecutors won’t prosecute those who loot stores and burn buildings to the ground. Judges let repeat violent offenders out of jail to roam the streets and do the very same heinous acts again. Misguided leftists keep screaming to defund the police, to the detriment of law-abiding citizens. If this behavior is allowed to proliferate, Americans will be forced to stand their ground vis a vis the “castle doctrine”, which every American should be aware of and be prepared to effectuate if the need arises.

In the meantime, many Americans, in that equal and opposite reaction, while trying to maintain some semblance of civility, biding their time, biting their tongues while buying more guns and ammunition, getting ready for the ultimate throwback in U.S. history, another Civil War, which they believe is inevitable.

Sadly, more negative than positive history will soon manifest itself and Americans need to be vigilant and prepare for the backlash that could soon permeate the countryside. God Bless you and God Bless America.


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ADVANCES, explained

(OP-ED) — The author of this post is a consultant and paralegal to attorneys practicing in foreclosure defense matters and their related fields and thus, the information offered in this post should be considered research for educational purposes only and not the rendering of legal advice.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Biblical quote in part)

Most homeowners that retain counsel to look into matters involving foreclosure only scrape the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dealing with REMIC trusts. A REMIC (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit) is a common law trust set up by a hedge fund that is primarily funded by “certificate holders”. The “certificate holders” are investors or investment groups that buy securities from the hedge fund. The securities are created from lists of mortgage loans, all pooled together in a package, that are sold to investors, who receive shares (certificates) which represent their stake in the matter. The amount of “shares” given to the certificate holders depends on the amount of funding they’ve contributed to the REMIC trust and to which tranche they purchased certificates in (some tranches are riskier than others, by design). It’s much like getting stock certificates when you buy stock in a company on Wall Street, especially when it comes to the risk of loss.

Each REMIC trust has a Master Servicer by design. REMIC trusts can also incorporate mortgage loan servicers and sub-servicers if it so deems, for the purposes of collecting the monthly mortgage payments from borrowers.

Each REMIC trust has a Cut-Off Date, where all paperwork that is represented as “filed” with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission via the Trustee of the Trust, has to be forwarded to the Trustee prior to the closing of the Trust.

Each REMIC trust has a Closing Date, in which the documents have all been tendered to the Trustee of the Trust. The Trustee then issues the certificates to the certificate holders, who then receive principal and interest payments from the servicer every month. The IRS refers to the Closing Date as the “Start-Up Date” of the trust, when the trust officially is closed for business and exists according to law for one (1) year.

Each REMIC trust has a Distribution Date … and this is important … because whether or not the borrower makes a payment or not … the servicer is required to advance proceeds from the sums collected from all of the borrowers, to the certificate holders in the form of principal and interest payments. The Distribution Date is generally somewhere between the 20th and 25th of every month, according to the majority of REMIC trust filings this author has reviewed.

The Certificate Holders are buying securities, which are batches of securitized loans that have all been pooled together into a CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligation).

Each REMIC has an ADVANCES section, which explains in detail how the mortgage loan servicers pay the certificate holders on the Distribution Date, whether the Borrowers make their mortgage payments or not.

When the Borrowers go to their respective “corresponding lenders” (part of the table-funding process), that lender checked to see whether the Borrowers’ credit scores were worthy of their best, low-interest loans. If the borrower’s credit scores were “shitty”, they generally ended up in subprime loan pools, which the government now frowns on lender’s from making. These were the riskiest loans made, thus, more attractive to investors because of the high-interest returns they would get on their certificates (from playing in the secondary markets).

Fast Forward to the Foreclosure Process

Now that it’s been simply explained how the system came into play, one must also understand that the servicers continue to collect for the certificate holders once the trusts have hit their one-year mark and expire. When the borrowers have begun to make payments on their mortgage loans, they are told to make at least 3 payments. Why?

Because it takes at least 3 payments to get the entire securities package set into motion. But wait! The Closing Date stated that (in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement for each REMIC trust) that all paperwork had to be “in” to the Trustee by that time, as the Trustee was issuing certificates to the certificate holders! The idea of being able to pay for at least 3 months was designed to send a false representation to investors that the loans were “good”, when the originators knew the “sewer would back up” at a point in time in the future.

The lenders also know that because of most of the predatory loans they issued, they knew already that the default rate was going to be higher because these loans weren’t really “qualified” loans under the law. The loan originators went to various insurance companies and purchased default insurance to guarantee that if the borrower defaulted, the certificate holders would be paid the value of their shares via the default insurance payment.

If a foreclosure indeed occurred … and knowing that the default insurance (and other means of reimbursement vehicles were initiated, such as credit default swaps, PMI, LPMI, MIP, title insurance, etc.) would pay out after Day 91 of the Borrowers’ default on their loans … the certificate holders were paid, assumedly by the servicer, right?

How then, did the certificate holders (for which the trustee represents to the court or in the notices of default at the time of the foreclosure) suffer financial harm? How did they suffer an actual injury-in-fact if they were being paid by the mortgage loan servicers every month?

When a borrower files suit against the servicer and the REMIC trust, they completely miss the boat on Injury-in-fact (see the article on Lessons Learned from Spokeo on this blog site) issues. By that time, a plethora of questionable documents have been recorded in the land records in the county where the subject property is located. These documents, suspiciously referred to as Assignment of Mortgage or Assignment of Deed of Trust, were more than likely generated by the mortgage loan servicers themselves or through third-party document mills, as a means of “batting clean-up” in the land records. These assignments all attempt to link the chain of title to the current alleged lien holder, albeit, questionably.

Who is the damaged party here?

Various attorneys that this author has consulted have all maintained that 99.9% of the foreclosures involving REMIC trusts are illegal. In California, notices are given to prospective bidders that they are only bidding on the lien and not the property itself. After the foreclosure occurs, the Trustee or the law firm allegedly representing it, issue a Trustee’s Deed Upon Sale. The problem here is … the Trustee is deeding the land over to the new buyer, who, if they would have read the damned sale notice, were only buying the lien and not the property itself! Judges gloss over all this because they don’t give a shit about the borrower. Judges can’t even be bothered to apply the law as it’s written, which is why America has appellate courts. The problem is, most borrowers can’t afford to even litigate the foreclosure let alone the appellate phase of the matter. The judges know this, which is why they don’t give a shit how they rule. Seldom do you ever find an honest judge that actually reads, understands the facts at hand and rules accordingly. The honest judges even have a hard time sifting through the facts if the borrower’s attorney doesn’t understand who he’s litigating against and why.

If the borrower’s attorney were to simply ask the court: “Your Honor, if my client’s house is sold on the courthouse steps today, who gets the money?”, the judge would then inquire of the foreclosing lender’s attorney WHO is being represented here. The Plaintiff’s attorney will always acknowledge that he represents the Plaintiff, when the Plaintiff’s attorney knows damned well he’s being paid by the mortgage loan servicer, who is coming to court under stealth, in the name of the lender (REMIC trust) to steal the house to reimburse itself for the payments.

When the Borrower’s attorney goes to court, the attorney and his client are faced with the submission of a payment history from the servicer showing the borrower’s history of mortgage loan payments and when they stopped making them. The Plaintiff bank then asserts that since that date, the certificate holders haven’t received payments, which is false. The servicer has been paying them all along and the servicer, the real party behind the foreclosure action, has failed to tender the payment history, post-borrower-payments made. The servicer should be required to disclose ALL payments made to the certificate holders of the REMIC trust, because the Trustee is claiming that the payments the borrower was making were the only payments made to the certificate holders, which is also false.

The servicer is the real party in interest here … and they’re in court trying to recover all of their payments … and then some. When they sell the home, they are going to recoup tens of thousands of dollars, in addition to the booty collected through the default insurance and all of the other payoff methods. In fact, mortgage loan servicing is big business and it’s a dirty one too. Not one mortgage loan servicer that has been “taken to task” to the fullest extent of the law (in court) has come away with clean hands; that is, if the attorneys who are litigating for the borrowers actually know what they’re doing.

The borrower does not have a contract with the mortgage loan servicer!

If this is the case, then what is the servicer doing in court, claiming to represent a closed REMIC trust, after the trust and the servicer have been paid multiple times over by all of the claimed default mechanisms?

This is where it’s estimated that a $500,000 mortgage loan nets the securitized trust $7,000,000 dollars. You read that right! Given all of the payouts the servicer got after Day 91, the certificate holders were all made whole. How then were the certificate holders damaged? They have no standing to come into court. They got away with the foreclosure because of borrower ignorance.

When the first run of foreclosures occurred in 2009-2014, 97.5% of the borrowers served with notices packed up their belongings and ran. Two (2%) percent of them attempted to deal with the mess in court themselves and got their asses handed to them. The other point 5 percent (0.5%) retained attorneys or were successful pro se because they bothered to do their research … but sadly, because of the way the system is “rigged” in favor of the banks, the banks’ servicers have loads of money to spend (and they will spend it) to legally outmaneuver the borrower, making it virtually impossible to win their case. It is estimated that 1 out of 100 foreclosures heard by the courts will actually go anywhere, especially to appeal. Those are very bad odds, especially to those who lack the knowledge necessary to make the banks prove the default and the actual harm occurred.

One Footnote: The Credit Risk Manager

As a footnote to this research, one should also understand that some of these REMICs have what is known as a Credit Risk Manager. These are third-party firms that are fee retained (for a small percentage of the collected funds of all payments submitted to the REMIC, generally 0.0135% per annum of the Scheduled Principal Balance of each Mortgage Loan) to monitor the activities of the mortgage loan servicers collecting for the REMICs. Had the borrower’s attorney known this entity existed, it would have been so easy to depose them and all their records, to see just who was paying whom and when. But again, no one is paying attention.

Here’s an example of one SEC filing from a 424(b)(5) Prospectus:

Taken from Page S-69 from a 424(b)(5) Prospectus issued on behalf of First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-FF15

This is one of many “hired guns” that are put in place to monitor the activities of the mortgage loan servicers and master servicers. Can you imagine the shit show if you discovered that these people were being paid to monitor specific payments on your mortgage loan and the advice they gave the servicers was non-existent? That could constitute a breach of their contract! And that’s just one issue you might discover if you can get this entity into a deposition!

Read the foregoing paragraphs carefully! Notice where it says the Credit Risk Manager will provide a “loan-level loss and mitigation analysis and a prepayment premium analysis” to the REMIC’s Master Servicer and Servicer? This basically describes how the party making the payments to the Certificate Holders (who are allegedly in court claiming they were harmed) different analyses of ways to “make them whole” (mitigate their losses), meaning the Master Servicer and the Servicer, who have to pay principal and interest on the Distribution Date, every month, whether the Borrower pays their mortgage payment or not!


In the Osceola County Forensic Examination, the author of this post, who prepared the report, included as EXHIBIT 29 the following letter that you should read if you want to understand HOW the servicer is allowed to reimburse itself for ADVANCES paid out. For all intents and purposes, it’s an admission by the now-defunct Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC as to HOW it does its business:

If you want some real “background” on how the servicing game is played, you should download this PDF Exhibit 29 and read it thoroughly and research its contents BEFORE engaging the servicer or BEFORE you start drafting pleadings. The party you are going after in court is NOT the REMIC trust! This document should make things plain and simple for you regarding the explanation of how the servicer treats ADVANCES.

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